Jrnl Entry No. 12.28.1999

Foreigners! Now I don’t know if I have ever touched up on this subject before but I have had two experiences, one on each of my jobs with foreigners. I must talk about it now.

Now generally I’m a fair and equal opportunity kind of guy, people are people right? Wrong!

Now my first experience with a foreigner was on my first job at Dairy Mart. This woman was some kind of Indian descent. She was one of those people who wear a red dot on her head. In her case at work, she would part her hair and wear the red dot in the part. But anyway she was weird like. She had like a master’s degree in mathematics, and was thinking about going back to school to get her accounting degree. She was working in the Franchise store accounting department making about $16K to $19K per year non-salary. She was always on her Ps and Qs, trying to be so perfect and never make any mistakes.

For example she had a cell phone and would use it to make personal calls following the policy of not using the phone to make personal calls at work. Now come on, how many folks do you know who actually follow that rule? The rule is there so that you will not abuse the telephone at work, like be on the phone all day on a long distance call with your best friend everyday. I guess she had this thought that if she made a little mistake she would be fired instantly on the spot. One day I sent her an Email after she told me the educational background that she had. I told her that she could find a much better job in Cleveland teaching or something or an accounting job. She come over to me talking about I was going to get her in trouble so don’t send her any e-mails like that again on personal stuff. Now I’m thinking that I spend half the day on e-mail with my cousins, friends and frat brothers and I haven’t gotten in a bit of trouble.

Another thing about foreigners like her is that they always have a heavy accent. Now African Americans have been on the spot for years for not being able to speak correct English, and here we have this bitch who stutters because she can’t speak the language hardly at all. She was so detailed oriented always asking questions. She really got on everyones nerves including her manager who told her that she needed to relax. Maybe she didn’t listen to her manager because she was a black woman. If you touched something on her desk she would know it and get all nervous about it.

Now on my present job I work with another woman of Indian descent. She looks almost black, hell she is black, but she is foreign, with curly black hair. She gets nervous if you touch something on her desk. Like the other day I had to get a check list from her. She gave me the list and I didn’t give it back to her until a couple of days later. When I gave it back to her she says “don’t take things off my desk if you are not gonna return them because if you lose them I’ll be in big trouble.” I’m thinking bitch you gave me the papers first of all. So she is going on and I says to her, “what do I look like some kid, I ain’t gonna lose the papers. The papers were on my desk, you sound ridiculous.” She speaks good English but she still has her accent not pronouncing shit correctly. She is detailed oriented and she treats me like I don’t know shit. I just look at her when she is explaining shit to me that I already know. Like one time she was trying to tell me how to do a reversing journal entry, which I used to do on my last job. Maybe she thinks that I just got out of college, or maybe she thinks certain accounting processes are unique to this company since she has been here for so many years.

Another situation with a foreigner was when this Chinese bitch was in here auditing our books. The experience with her wasn’t so bad except that she really could barely speak the language. Now how is it that you obtain a good paying accounting job with a big six accounting firm and you don’t speak English. I guess Chinese people are smart and they study really hard, but they should be able to speak English well before they are employed especially if they are going to be working with Americans mostly. She was like shy though but these bitches of Indian descent that I was describing earlier, they were or are pushy bitches. I just try to stay away from the one I work with now as much as possible because I don’t want to have to curse her ass out.

I remember the one bitch from Diary Mart she was asking me to help her carry something one day. I told her to wait a minute because I didn’t think that I was supposed to be helping her that day. So she gets pissed and she has the nerve to tell me that I was pissing her off. I said, “you are pissing me off too so what are you gonna do.” I notice the one I am presently working with she always tries to talk over everyone, if you are asking her a question or if her boss is asking her a question, she is answering before he finished the question. She is just a hyper type bitch trying to make it seem like she is always on top of everything.

I don’t know, but these two women just acted funny to me. They were not your average relaxed ordinary people. And because they are always edgy it makes them appear phony.

My friends always hollering about Rican bitches and telling me that I am going to get with one because you see a lot of them here in N.Y. I am not gonna get with one because of the culture differences. They are fine but I just can’t see it. I may fuck a couple or maybe not.

One thought on “Jrnl Entry No. 12.28.1999

  1. Caveat: I notice I use the word “Bitch” a lot. I liken it to a song by “The Geto Boys” called “Gansta of Love” (so misogynistic that it’s caricaturally funny.)

    Disclaimer: I do not call women bitches in life or treat them inferior in alpha male dominant low-self-esteem fashion.

    As these journals were personal (never to be read until my death or by close family only), I’d read them kin to Holden Caufield, past tense (20 years past) first person singular.


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