black people, what i’m about? I would like 4 u 2 realize how no 1 really likes us how we do not support each other how undereducated we r

black people u may think i’m promoting a race war, gross prejudice, etc. no, go about it n the same stealth manor as they do, with a smile.

Reading this book, you may think, “this guy is a self-hating race trader.” When in all actuality, I love my race so much, I’ve looked around and analyzed what goes on in our community or “hoods” as we like to call them. First observation, yes, we have been subject to racism and preclusion from opportunity. Second observation, yes, we have allowed ourselves to be beat down, seemingly without a fight, without much organization; NOT ACCEPTABLE! We seem to have settled for the table scraps we have been given by the government and programs of racial equality which came along with the Civil Right Movement; acquiesced and ceded all power and control of our lives: social, economic and yes political to other races of people: Irish, Italian, Jewish, WASP etc.

We seem to take each other for granted. We take each other’s education for granted – As of 2017, I was told that an African woman CEO from Kenya, hesitated in hiring me for a Controller role, paying $90,000 because I was Black American, and truth be told, I swear I saw her stop in her tracks and regroup herself once she saw me through the glass window of the conference room where we held our face to face interview.

We take getting an education for granted. We take hard, long farmer’s-hours (5AM – 9PM NOT 9AM TO 5PM) work ethic for granted. All of the things we take for granted are things that have gotten other races, which were pariahs in America, respect in many different areas of life and economic industries in which they prosper in this nation.

Do I hate Black America people, NO! I just wish we would realize that we could be a better people and make our future history in this country so much greater and richer with the use of civilized manors, education, articulation of the English language and self-appreciation of all the talents we do and can possess, not just football, basketball, singing, dancing and acting; which we do not have full and total control of these talents we seem to be so great at.

For, it seems to me that every other outside culture to these United State of America has complete or majority economic, political and inter-working control of an industry or a few industries: Jews (media, film, real estate), Irish (fire and police departments), Italians (mob, construction and unions), Arabs (corner stores in the hood). These people have complete and total control over these industries with very little interference and questions regarding their operations practices. Black American people make music, but Clive Davis and Jimmy Iovine controls/controlled the industry. Black American people play basketball, but David Stern (who has retired and now bequeath his position to one of his brothers of Jewish ethnicity, Adam Silver) is the commissioner interpreting rules and regulations and there has been one maybe two (Bob Johnson of BET and Michael Jordan), majority control Black American owners, of any NBA franchise.

Black American people have been freed from slavery much longer than Jewish people have suffered from the Holocaust and racial discrimination in Germany and in America. How is it that Black American people have been held down by racism and preclusion from opportunity for such a long stint of time? Even in this day and age when Jim Crow is over, we have a great number of persons within a generation who have graduated from college; many Black American people are on a tract and/or have already started their own successful companies. My question or longing to know, is, when do we start to replicate success, entrepreneurship and long standing company enterprises and legacy building as a culture; not necessarily racism, but rather racial nepotism, because a rich White American billionaire may invite you into their home as a friend, but may not invite you into the board room as a participating decision making board member and/or share secrets to his/her success, or even much less, give you a decent gainful employment job (the kind that allows you to save and buy a nice home, drive a decent car, save for your children’s college education and your retirement), but they’ll train their son or daughter or even the sons and daughters of their White American friends into a management level employee, COO, CFO or successor CEO. Of course, no one admits this or says it out loud, it just is, and as it seems, FOREVER WILL BE!

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