#blackwomen stop going outside in head rags looking like u r walking out on a slv plantation. u look ridiculous, ignorant & pusillanimous!

On the streets of New York City, especially Brooklyn and probably other cities as well, Black American women walk outside with these scarves wrapped around their head and tied into a knot at the front. It looks so Aint Jamaima and servant like. Black American women wear these scarves as if they are a fashion statement; like they are sexy. In actuality, and I do not know how they are impervious to the fact, they make these women look poor, sloppy, unintelligent and spineless. And these are probably women who complain they cannot find a good enough man in their lives.

First of all, if a guy approaches you with this type of scarf tied on your head, he only cares about coitus with you and he, more likely than not, is not all together himself. With the scarf on your head, no man who approaches you has any type of respect for you and probably doesn’t have respect for himself. He’s not prone to satisfy you sexually, probably has low self-esteem and may even beat on you.

These scarves make a woman look lifeless. If you do not mind looking as if you have no courage and no respect for yourself, by all means, continue to go outside with these head rags tied around your hair.

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