y do u think u c white people always jogging n winter spring summer fall? it helps u live longer & the oxygen n take makes u smarter.

The “oxygen intake from running makes u smarter” is me being facetious, but the fact may be true. I started running at the age — and while it may not make you smarter, there are some added benefits to it: healthy heart, added life span, weight control, energy boost, solace and peace of mind you experience while pushing yourself through the breathlessness (which eases after 1/2 a mile), ease of stress, added to a sense of accomplishment for running in the first place. In the aspects of solace, piece of mind and accomplishment I would say those are qualities that go along with a person being smarter and thinking clearer.

But back to White American people now; on any given day, at any given time, take a trip to Central Park, the parks along West End/West Side Highway in Manhattan, or along certain sections of the FDR Drive or even walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and there will not be a time that you take one of those trips you will not see White American people running: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. There may be a majority of White American people in America who do not run for exercise or sport, but when you take a look around, the majority of the runners anywhere, especially in winter are White American people. My finance remarked to me, day after Thanksgiving, “you goin’ running? It’s cold as hell out here.” To which, I remarked, “people run in the cold”; her response, “yeah, crazy people!” As I continued to walk to the track, I thought to myself, “so Black American of her to say something like that.”          

I’m a proponent of running, exercise, good health, good mind and body. I have yet to run a marathon and probably never will, but never-say-never. Maybe if Black American people took the extra effort to do some exercise which is somewhat arduous and challenging, maybe most  of our great grandparents, great aunts/uncles, grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles would not have died from or currently have diabetes. Or should I say, “most of my…….” And definitely my current generation will not fall victim to the same fate of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes complications.

As to the smart White American people thing, I’d be willing to bet, take any middle manager, middle or senior executive of any Fortune 500 company and for the majority of them, running or some other form of semi-strenuous workout activity will be in their exercise regimen; apart of company management and making 6 figure salaries seems smart to me, especially in a capitalistic, materialistic society such as America.

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