The Black Man in America is finished. Star & Buckwild on Power 105.1 NYC said it first.

I am under the impression that he is right. One reason for me lending credence to his statement is: 1. I just started working as a temp in the finance department of a large insurance company. In the office here I see a large Asian population as the minority group of choice for employment; both men and women. There are about four black women and three black men in the entire building. Also what I have been seeing on the streets of New York City is beautiful African American women, both mixed race black, light-skinned and dark walking hand in hand with white men; quality black women who look gainfully employed, fashionable and sexy, they are with white men.

So the situation is this. Black men have a 50% unemployment rate in New York City. I have a bachelor’s degree and I can’t seem to find or keep a job so what does that say about those without a degree? They are working shit jobs with minimal pay and no benefits, and sistahs are not trying to hear it. Add to that, a few kids, criminal record and bad credit or no credit at all; it all adds up to the fact that black men’s approval rating for employment in a white or other ethic-group owned business establishment is falling to ZERO also. No one wants to deal with us.

I happen to think that I am honest and hardworking with integrity, but yet, after countless phone screening calls for interviews because my name is a very American name – which some of the calls get diverted because of my deep African American voice – and also countless interviews where I’ve interviewed well, spoken well, written thank you letters expressing my interest in the position as well as follow up letters to show my interest even further, I have yet to come up with a full-time job paying me a competitive salary where I can live comfortably in the New York City area.

Add to the aforementioned, the brothers who think they are gonna hustle for life, act like, dress like, talk like and dream to have a recording contract to become the next Jay Z; you have a population that is quickly becoming irrelevant and obsolete to society as a whole. With President Bush in office, the government is not looking after us {neither did President Obama}. We damn sure ain’t looking after ourselves. There is no hope for black men, especially when black women who are classy and sassy and independent don’t want anything to do with us. We won’t die, but we will be just as good as dead in America with everyone ignoring us, with us competing against ourselves and not supporting one another, WE ARE DOOMED!

Now if you take this theory into consideration seriously, it could give validity to the statement of one politician; we need to start aborting the black ghetto babies. Because look at the stats: for the millions being born, especially black males, only 10 % of them will make it to be something in life if we continue living by the system of, “be a good boy so a white man will give you a good job.” The white man is only employing 1%-5%, rarely 10% minorities into his corporation; half of the 10% will be of other ethnic groups, non-African American, and the 1%-5% of African Americans he employs, half of those will be women; that leave ½% – 2.5% African American males employed within American corporations, gainfully employed to take care of their family in whole or in part.

In America, our situation has gotten better since civil rights, but taking a look in large cities such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago things are really remaining the same; while it is illegal to discriminate, it’s all being done blatantly anyway in legal fashion. Take for example, every time an African American waves a gun in the presence of police in New York or even appear to reach for a gun or have an object that is presumed to be a gun, HE IS INSTANTLY GUNNED DOWN TO DEATH, 30 to 40 ROUNDS TO THE CHEST, ARMS AND LEGS! But just a week ago, a 24 year old white male was waving a gun in the presence of cops; yes they shot him, but only three times with one bullet puncturing his stomach and HE LIVED! Also turns out that he was a cop himself off duty who had just been beaten by a gang of guys in the store that he was shot in front of. When you are young and white, you get shot 3 times and you live; when you are young and black, you get shot 40 times AND YOU DIE INSTANTLY, and it is all justified by the mayor and police commissioner.

Even though it’s 2005 / And the shit is not allowed to the eye / In my mind it’s alive and well. Everybody, even the black man himself is against the Black man. You got black students at Harvard refusing to identify with being black. You got black people who don’t want to identify with black movies and television shows. It seems as if everyone wants to mix with the white man and just forget themselves and soak up all of the white man culture. We have taken the notion of mixing and learning and being open minded a little too far whereas we want to forget “Big Mamma and Nem’”, Uncle Ernest and Aunt Bertha.

It seems as if all men who make it at least to corporate middle class status want something light on their arm, whether that is light or white. How did it come to this? My frat brother came to New York and we were walking around down in SoHo. Every woman he commented on was light or white. He noticed this one particular white lady and granted, what he said about her, “she is classy” was true, but also I noticed that when fine beautiful dark women walked past, he did not utter one comment about them. I had to say something to him about it. Of course he gave the, “I love all women” speech. His wife is light skinned, and granted she is beautiful – when I first met her I personally wished she was mine, or that I’d one day have a woman just as beautiful. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I want a brown to dark sista with full lips and round nose and dimples, ass and thighs and hips and nice breast.


do u ever notice how hard it is 2 get hired for a job. even after multiple calls from many employers, u can not seem to close the deal. why?

do u recognize potential employers & recruiters call based upon ur resume, but upon speaking 2 u, ur suddenly missing a qualification. why?

White Americans are majority racist. They are uncomfortable being around Black American people; for all of their education and so-called intelligence and open minds, they have not quite figured out the protocol to working with Black Americans.

The reason you get so many calls is you have a very American sounding name: Christopher Smith. Your background is even on par with that of White Americans: MBA, CPA, 7 Years work experience. But once they get you on that telephone and you start talking, they quickly notice the speech inflections and/or deep voice; a dead tale you are Black American. I think most have a clandestine edict from the superiors of the company to either hire a Black American or not to. If it’s a green light for a Black American in that particular position for the company, you may get an interview.

Sometimes you’ll notice on the interview the White American person’s discomfort in speaking with you; as much as they try to hide it, it’s saliently in their eyes. I recall in two separate interviews with White American males, each rolled their eyes as if what I was saying to him was completely irrelevant, even though when it was their turn to speak, they each seemed like affable guys whom I could have easily gotten along with as my superior; the interviewers thought otherwise. In one particular interview, the interviewer began riddling off to me regarding things I should say in subsequent interviews with other companies and suggested I could be a CPA on a music tour of recording artist or as a business manager of artist, and he rushed me out of his office before I could finish my closing statement. I never heard back from him since that interview, though I followed up twice with him regarding the position:

I am following up with you regarding our personal interview Oct 24, 2012.

Is there anything you would like to ask me, or would you like to schedule another meeting to talk; as it seems we rushed through our first interview?

What I got from the interview was that you are a great guy that I would be delighted to work under the direction of. As I have already reiterated to you, I know the company brand and would love to be a part of the team at this wonderful growth stage of your corporate life cycle; this seems like the perfect opportunity I am searching for.

What I believe you should have taken away from our meeting is a guy with a great personality to fit into the organization, who is also articulate and knowledgeable in accounting with the skills to take on the challenges of the position.

If there are any concerns you may have, please let us have a conversation in an attempt to quell them.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

> I am following up with you regarding our interview for the Corporate Controller position, in reference to where you’re at with your selection process.
> I think you will not find a better candidate with his/her CPA, who is familiar with your brand and excited about its growth potential.
> Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Another reason for the apprehension of White Americans hiring Black Americans is often times self-experienced tales of lethargy and lack of details in performing the job. They do not believe regardless of what our degrees may be or how long we’ve been on a previous job or how arduous a state examination we’ve passed, that we will do the job efficiently and thoroughly, and they do not want to take the chance. Even if you look them dead in the eye and say, “I’ve made past mistakes, I’ve learned from those mistakes and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and dedicate myself to the service of learning and performing the challenges of this job” Due to past experience with other Black American hires, THEY DO NOT BELIEVE YOU! Black Americans receive no second chances.

As opposed to divulging how they really feel about us in an effort to come to rapprochement and that we may correct the problems we have, they’d rather ignore it and try to hire around us, etc. In addition to that, in the spirit of nationalism, nepotism and racism, they’d also rather give the salary and position to a White American woman or man. They do not feel you, as a Black American person deserves it, no matter how well you’re dressed, how articulate you are in speaking about your experience, they do not want you past a certain level (this very day it is still noted that Black Americans experience longer search times and receive less pay than both White American men and women). In accounting, that level seems to be Senior Accountant $70K, while the $90K – $120K Accounting Manager and/or Controller/Director of Accounting roles go to a White American or any other ethnicity than Black American who is younger than you.

A Certified Public Accountant  Examination, passing all four parts, is supposed to spell aptitude, attention to detail, work ethic, integrity, dedication and passion to move forward in the profession; for a Black American male like me, employers did not get the memo. But according to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”, this was the same discrimination process which created all of the great Jewish New York City lawyers born in the years approximate to 1930; in the late 1950s to 1960, prestigious downtown Wall Street law firms would not touch them (Jewish American Lawyers), even told them so to their faces after putting them through a rigorous interview process (illegal today; these days they call you on the phone, listen to nothing but your elocution to determine if you are Black American as they ask you questions for 10 minutes, cordially and properly end the call and never call you ever again, ignore your follow-up e-mails unless you press them, in which case they say, “we’ve moved on with another candidate who’s a better fit); therefore, the Jewish lawyers started their own firms (as I have), took the legal profession squalid work rejected by the top firms, in turn helping greatly to hone skills in particular areas of law such as corporate mergers and acquisitions which later redounded into torrential money rain makers; thus today, the prominent Jewish law firms with 1000 lawyers and the 80 year old Jewish partners.


stp being lazy n ur wrk ethic, especially when working 4 othr black people. its a new day lethargy has no place n obamas nation  

#blackpeople complain that other #blackpeople do bad business. did u tell them about, & give those people a chance 2 correct their mistakes

black people everybody makes mistakes. if u do not or are not allowed 2 learn from ur mistakes is where the problem comes in.

black people n other communities, person is assigned a job & is the go 2 person 4 that job even if a fuck up, they’rereprimanded & keep job

black people after so many fuck ups, the person learns from mistakes & becomes a better professional till they no longer make mistakes black people this is how the lawyer becomes great, the doctor becomes great. they r supported by their community until they r great#support

There is a dark cloud over Black American people when it comes to doing business for one another; we tend to take one or the other for granted as customer, employer or employee. We tend to approach the business matter as if we are friends with the other Black American and they understand our personal problems which hinder us from doing the job in a timely manner or properly and vice versa. THIS IS AN IMPROPER APPROACH, especially as it relates to the new millennium. Though I do not perform my work with clients in that manner, I do feel it is a road block to me obtaining the type of clients I want, i.e. The Therapy Wine Bar and Voudou Bar, as well as Bed-Vyne wine; all within Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. I’ve spoken with the partners of each of these establishments and they each kindly blew me off as if I was not a real CPA, or that I must have been joking when inquiring to them about that type of business and they quickly argued me down when trying to push them on the matter; or placated me in face to face conversation, but never returned e-mails or calls.

Friends of mine who purchased a nice 3 bedroom home in Greensboro, NC told me a story of trying to give a Black American woman real estate agent a chance to show them homes in the area, which they described to her where they wanted to live, the type of home, school system for their child etc. They told a story that she showed them nothing of what they informed her to; and the last straw that broke the camel’s back, she showed up late to an appointment with rollers in her head. They quickly took their business to a White American male real estate agent who quickly showed them exactly what they wanted, where they wanted and they closed the deal in 30 days. I’ve heard other stories of details not being taken care of in other matters. THIS MUST STOP! BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, and in business, the person you’re doing business with IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! They are your customer, to be treated with the utmost respect and professional care to seal all of the details of the job to complete it with the best of your absolute ability.

But on the part of Black American consumers of Black American services and products, in an effort to heal and progress in the process, I asked my friends from Greensboro, North Carolina these questions: did you tell the lady her first mistake, after the first showing, of not showing property in the preferred area? Did you tell her after the second disappointing showing? When she showed up late with the rollers in her hair, did you properly reprimand her for her behavior, fire her and tell her why she was being fired? To each of the questions they replied NO! They, with their properly justifiable frustrations took their business to the most-mighty of all business dealings, A WHITE AMERICAN MAN!

It is understandable that Black American people would naturally think if a person is in legitimate business as a professional, they should know how to conduct themselves as such. Many minority Black American business owners do conduct themselves with the utmost ethical and professional standard in all dealings, but many others also tend to relax their professional presentation when dealing with other Black American people. It is a natural sense of commonality that is ingrained within the Black American diaspora and struggle within the United States of America that brings this about; seemingly saying, you should understand, overlook and/or excuse my behavior as between family not to be disclosed to outsiders. Maybe in the 1960s, – 1990s, but in the new millennium, this attitude is not excusable and though still very prevalent, it is also the duty of those insulted by inferior service from their Black American brothers and sisters to make known the indiscretion, give a warning and chance for correction and upon final termination of service, outline the reason for termination.          

In every learned subject, there is a process: talking, learning another language, potty training, criminal court. The process is there to help those going through it to learn from it, its inter-workings: pull your pants down, sit on or stand in front of the toilet, release; if you release on or in your clothes, you’ve done it wrong, receive your reprimand and try to do better the next time. Without the process of reprimand and explanation of the wrong course of action taken, there is no learning. And though many Black American people may say, “that is not my job to teach other Black American people, I can just go to someone better”, more likely than not, a White American person; this, in the long-term does not help our race of people become better people, better business persons to build better companies for our future children to gain skills and employment.

If we do not start thinking macro instead of micro, the same complaints that were had 20 years ago (1984), the same complaints we have today will be the same complaints we have 20 years from now (2034): high unemployment among Black American people especially males; takes twice or three times as long for a Black American man to get a job than any other person; Black American people do not do great professional detailed work. Our children especially the males aren’t going for college education in greater numbers; probably because you did not have patience to work with and/or hire a Black American real estate agent, Black American lawyer, Black American CPA/Accountant and if you felt they needed it, in reference to improper service that was given you, reprimand them and tell them to correct their mistakes.


institutionalized racism restricts #blackmen from getting jobs, but its also true #blackpeople r sometimes loath & lethargic on the job.

#blackpeople n corporate america notice the white women & asians working late n2 the night, u go home at 5:30PM then complain about a raise

#blackpeople corporate america will never tell us this but they think we r lazy, inarticulate & ineffective which is sometimes true.

This tweet explanation came to mind thinking about my last 5 year stint working a job in which I was motivated to stay and work late, take on more responsibility at the job in an effort to get promoted. When my girlfriend would call me at 7 PM and I told her I was still at work, she’d quickly rebuff, “why are you still at work?” And when I’d have conversations with the few Black American people on the job about how late I stayed a particular night or was going to stay, as we chatted while I was going to get something to eat as they were on their way home at 5:00PM/5:30PM, they’d all spit out a well-known dictum within the Black American community, “they ain’t workin’ me like a slave.”

I began to think of my CFO and how he’d be on the job 9PM/10PM at night walking around jovially speaking with his executive peers, also working late. I thought of the articles I’d read where Congressman were called to meetings 11:30PM – 3AM in the morning to get some bill pushed through to the Senate. I thought of stories I read about CEOs working 16 hour days 80 to 100 hours a week or CPAs working for the Big 4 accounting firms who reported working the same amount of hours during busy tax and quarterly income statement preparation and audit season for clients. I thought of the question, “how is it possible to work that many hours in a 5 day week? I summed it up that they work on weekends and/or from home to come up with these ridiculous hour counts. I thought of how much these individuals got paid; some $1Mill a year, other $250K-$500K a year. CPAs often work 2 to 4 years at a CPA firm making $40K – $65K, then go to a corporate company as a senior accountant or accounting manager and are put on a track to make $90K – $150K; $40K to $150 respectively in 5 to 6 years.

When I walked around the office during my latest time of working at 9PM, I’d rarely see any Black Americans working at that hour. But I would see many of the Black Americans gathered at the elevator between 5;00PM/5:30PM. I spoke with one young woman and asked does she ever work late. She quickly replied no and that, “it’s not about working longer or harder but about working smarter.” I asked her where she wanted to be in 5 years, she said to have her MBA and be within a management position in her current field. I then asked her, “don’t you think that is going to require you to work longer hours?” She said, “yes, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.” I also asked, “do you hope to get a nice raise at the end of this year of working for our current company?” She quickly blurted out an emphatic yes. While some of the younger Caucasian individuals went home at the sound of the clock striking 5PM as well, there were also quite a few who were around at 7PM – 9PM.

Apres 2007/2008 when thinking about hard work, I often think of Barack Obama and that he, a Black American man (though he’s half White American) was not supposed to win the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008, especially over a White American woman candidate, Hillary Clinton whose husband Bill Clinton was already a proven great Democratic American President. But yet, not only did Obama win the nomination, he won the presidency by a landslide over John McCain in November 2008. I think it took tremendous emotional fortitude to stay the course and move forward to become The United States of America’s first, so-called, Black American president; he is, after all, half White American.

Once I saw this feat being accomplished by Barack Obama of being the democratic representative to run for office, is when I decided to study to take my CPA Exam, an exam which only 40% of candidates who sign up to take it, pass; the numbers are even more abysmal among the Black American candidates who sign up and take the exam. Every road block I came to in studying for the CPA Exam I thought of Barack Obama and the adversity he overcame to become the presidential nominee and eventually president; he and Michael Phelps. The tireless work ethic it took to accomplish what those two individuals accomplished that year of 2008 was a mammoth and colossal aberration from the status quo. Passing the CPA Exam was the hardest I’d ever worked in my entire life.

As I studied, passing and failing parts of the CPA Exam, and reflected upon my life and future career which I saw as being on its death bed if I didn’t pass the exam, I took a look back at my career and the careers of many White American or other Americans in Corporate America. The arduous preparation for that exam made me realize that either Black Americas are less intelligent and/or put in less work ethic than other ethnicities; a primary reason for the low passing rates among us, of not just the CPA Exam, but and seemingly (as reported in the media) any entrance type/prerequisite exam. Most CEOs of companies and those in management positions in Corporate America have their Masters In Business Administration, CPA, JD etc; Some do not have this educational training, but many do. Many Black Americans have not put in the hours of hard studying and work ethic to obtain the educational and on the job training, i.e. Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” 10,000 hours, but complain about non-promotions and advancement.

I started to delve into the aspects of my career. The most of a raise I’d ever received on my professional jobs was 3%. I began to ponder why that was. I knew exactly why. It was because at the onset of my first job out of college, I wanted to be a Hip Hop producer of musical songs to rap lyrics. I left my jobs everyday a 5PM, rarely staying past 6:30PM to complete or get extra work done or asking for more responsibility on the jobs and was often times goofing off e-mailing my cousin or girlfriend all day or writing journals in Microsoft Word on my work computer. Add to that the fact I am a Black American male and there you get the lowest raise a job would offer an individual as a simple cost of living inflation raise. On my first job, I was angry about it and quickly made steps to leave. My second job, my manager gave me warning that he knew I was jerking off and that I was not carrying as much work as the rest of the team and that I should step it up and contribute more. But I really didn’t care, I was living in New York, closer to my dream of becoming a Hip Hop producer than one could get. I was leaving the job every night by 5:30PM going to my apartment to produce a beat on my ASR10 Keyboard beat machine sequencer.

I got fired from my first job in New York due to my lack of enthusiasm. I found another job 6 months later, which after my first 6 months there, I was working under a new Accounting Manager who quickly noticed my weaknesses in lacking attention to detail and was on me like white on rice. She reprimanded me for minor mistakes and tardiness. I’d get to work at 9:20AM – 9:30AM every morning as opposed to 9AM because no one ever said anything. When she did say something, from that point on I was there every morning at 8:30AM – 8:45AM and making sure during the day I covered every inch of detail of my work to doting my “I”s and crossing my “T”s. But she eventually ended up firing me anyway, on a day no less, when she checked my work, there were no mistakes and I turned it in two days early and asked her for more work to do or if she needed help on any special assignments.

After that termination, I could not find another solid job for 3 years, literally 2003 – 2006 I was unemployed. Employers would not touch me. One thing I noticed is that I was not articulating my experience well to seem very knowledgeable about accounting. I also noticed that I had a lazy drawl to my speech pattern and delivery which my current live-in girlfriend would point out to me as well. At age –, I immediately began to work on my accounting, speech and vocabulary skills; finally 3 years later I guess I perfected it and someone agreed to hire me.

To address another matter regarding why Black Americans leave at 5:30PM; after a 3 year break from work, on this new job which I was glad to receive; ready and willing to work prodigious overtime hours, I noticed that I quickly learned my job to every last detail by the first year. My supervisor did not offer me any raise, which I didn’t want or feel I needed because I was getting paid $20K more than 3 years ago. Shortly after the first year, I told the CFO that he was underutilizing my skills and I could take on more responsibility. During the same period, the company shifted part of the accounting responsibilities to a shared services group and this severely cut into my work; with not much more responsibility, I began to hang around work less frequently and leave at 5:30PM with the rest of the Black Americans and other co-workers who felt that to be an appropriate hour of egress.

When the second year on the job rolled around; I noticed a 3% increase in my paycheck. I was livid, especially after making a great contribution to the team the first year and being told so through various e-mails by the manager who hired me. I quickly requested a meeting with the CFO and Director of Accounting. In that meeting I laid out my contribution, how I had saved the company money by filing the excise tax returns in a timely manner, which they had not filed timely a few times prior, to the tune of late penalties of $15,000. I presented all the things you read in magazine articles and blogs they tell you to do and enumerate to your superior at raise negotiation time. The meeting boiled down to the CFO telling me no, I would not receive more than 3% due to certain mistakes which he could not properly detail and recapitulate to me; I’d receive another 3% in Sept, which this was now June. I tried to propose a compromise to give me the extra 3% now as a retro-pay; mind you this only added up to $1,800, which was currently less than they were paying employees for job candidate referral bonuses. Also, unbeknownst to him, I was in his office listening while he was on the phone with a department manager giving little resistance and ultimately approving of more than a 20% raise to an employee. I made up my mind at that moment I was leaving the company and started going home every day at 5:00PM. The problem with leaving the company, it was 2008 and during the time of the housing crisis economic fall-out – Mr Hank Paulson “Mr. Bailout” – and there was not a job to be found.

I tell that story because often times it is the case, even if Black Americans do play an integral part on the team and make major contributions they still get looked over for raises and/or promotions they can economically feel. To add to the story, I was seeing White American young women and men getting promoted to supervisor of their position every three to six months which I know a raise came along with as well; some of whom I did not see working late nightly hours. So a Black American sees this and can quickly become prostrated. But, it is also often the case that Black Americans are the ones who leave at 5:30PM every day, are talking loudly to friends on the company phone or their private cell phones during work hours, they get into work late and leave a little early. After putting in 1 to 2 years on the jobs they are walking around talking about how much smarter they are and should have gotten promoted or given the opportunity. While that behavior could fly for many White American men and women, Black Americans you must stop the aphorism of lethargy and stick to the saying, “we must work twice as hard to get to the same place


stop treating other black people when they approach u as if they r incompetent. stop ignoring other black people whenwant to work 4 u

black people u must go about running ur small business with an initiative for future black social change.

black people if u own a small business u can find a black cpa through NABA & if u type in black lawyers association on the web many pop up

some1 said “i’ll never switch from my russian, guy he saves me money.” black slaves saved america money, but america isn’t loyal 2 us. Hmmm!

This tweet was born out of my fantasy that when I passed the CPA Exam, as a Black American CPA, I’d be able to walk up to any Black American business owner, Black American celebrity, Black American NBA/NFL player, Black American rapper and have a brief conversation with them bestowing the knowledge that I was a Black American CPA, pass them my card, we’d exchange information and the person would automatically become a client. My line of thinking was that individual Black American professionals would be delighted to work with other competent, affable, congenial and convivial Black American professional individuals to handle their business matters.

Once I moved to New York, I found a Black American doctor and a Black American dentist. I think of Chris Rock’s comedy skit: “The only Black people who live in my neighborhood are Jay Z, Mary J. Blige and me. Across the street lives a dentist. You know what a Black American dentist would have to do to live in my neighborhood? HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO CREATE TEETH!” This wouldn’t be necessarily true if all of the Black American elite music and movie celebrities, as well as sports stars who live in New York or pass through on assignment would go visit Catrisse Williams, VIP Smiles for their 6 month cleaning or cosmetic dental work. It should be automatic. But Black American people do not think like this.

When I first passed my CPA Exam it was NFL Draft night 2011. I had printed up some make shift cards with the name of my CPA firm and phone number on them. I went and snuck into GreenHouse night club on the corner of Vandam and Varrick Street. As soon as I hit the entrance door to the club, I was looking Shaunie O’neal and Evelyn Lazoda right smack in the face. I had seen Shaunie O’neal earlier in the day at the Converse store on Broadway in SoHo on my lunch break from work.

I thought to approach her, as I felt pretty confident in my outfit, intelligence and articulation, but didn’t have a speech exactly prepared to speak about the subject of becoming her CPA, and plus she had a friend with her so I let the opportunity pass.

In the club I was armed with cards to pass them out to people in VIP and trying to make deals with the pretty ladies in VIP to connect with the guys with money for a commission; with the music blaring, they either could not hear me or had no clue what I was talking about. I approached a few guys who appeared to have money or were brawny enough to be new NFL draftees or current players in the league standing directly inside the section off from the VIP area; they nodded their heads, took my card and went about their way. I made my way over to speak briefly with Shaunie, as I was too afraid to tell her I was a CPA who’d like to work for her, I simply asked her had she noticed me in the Converse store earlier that day. She said something back to me which I could not hear, we smiled at each other and that was that. I had also passed a card to Evelyn Lazoda and said something to the effect of, “I’m a CPA, take my card. I want to make sure you and Ochocinco don’t go broke.” She looked at me in stupefaction, took the card, I bid her a nice night and that was that. Shaunie’s boyfriend at the time was a light skinned young model. She was in the Converse store that day purchasing black Chuck Taylor sneakers for him that he had on his feet that night. I talked with him in the hallway leading to the entrance/exit about being his CPA. He sold me the story that his agency takes care of that business for him. I next bumped right into and gave a card to the boxer Zab Juda, he looked at me as if I was stupid or he didn’t know what I was talking about. At one point, I was standing next to a guy who had on a diamond necklace, I think his name was Pierre. He was in ear shot of me and we could hear each other very well, he said to me, “I have about three CPAs who work for me.” He took my card. I saw him later at the diner on 23rd St. driving a metallic blue S550 Benz AMG, getting out of the car clearly inebriated. I spoke with him once more and showed concern for his safety, which Pierre assured me, he would be OK. He was the guy I had most contact with that night in passing inside the club and at the diner. I never heard from him.

It seems as if on the surface, Black American people take other Black American professionals (CPAs, Lawyers) for granted as not knowing how to handle business. I have asked many Black American business owners in Bed-Stuy the, “whose your CPA?” question. A partner of the Therapy Wine Bar, told me someone they’ve used for 16 years whom I found out was some guy out in Benson Hurst Brooklyn, NY of all places; a place where a Black American man couldn’t mistakenly be caught in the neighborhood or he would be beat, occasionally to death, as was Yusef Hawkins in 1989. One partner of the Voudou Bar said they use some Russian guy who specialized in bars and that he saved them so much money in setting up the POS system, etc, and went into how they wouldn’t have time for me to learn their business and/or make mistakes; therefore they would never hire me as the main CPA of the bar that I’d supported with my dollars as a patron, as does many other Black American persons in the neighborhood, simply because it’s Black American owned. They would not grant a Black American CPA the same courtesy their business was thriving on. Of course this conversation was taking place on a Saturday night, with me being full of liquid courage (though, I do not think the person knew that) and I have not had a chance to initiate a formal meeting; I’ll let you know how that goes.

I recently read a book called “how to get anyone to SAY YES, in 8 minutes”. What I learned is that when persons are approached by someone they are not familiar with or have no prior relationship, their automatic unconscious response to any offer you make to them is repulsion. People do not know they behave in this fashion; this, on the surface explains why when approaching celebrities or sports players in a club, they are befuddled by my approach and I never hear from them. The NBA/NFL trains athletes to be on guard for people who try and sell them on business investments or financial advisement services, (not absolutely sure if they train them to be leery of Black American people; but looking at how adamantly they tried to convince LeBron James to not let his close, past high school state championship bound, team mates/friends handle his business affairs, I wouldn’t doubt it). Even with the hermetic club scenery and training of freshly minted millionaires to be on guard, I have read of many financial advisors, CEOs of hedge funds and stock brokers meeting clients sitting next to a pool on vacation or in a country club, being handed brochures out the trunk of a person’s car and later following up to do significant business with that person. So while it’s understood about the unconscious response, shouldn’t there also be an override to get to a positive response, at least to exchange telephone numbers and let the person work to set up a proper meeting, when approached by someone from your own race, whom you know is limited in opportunity and resources, whom you share many cultural traits and shibboleths, seemingly intelligent and articulate with enough nerve and chutzpah and ingenuity to approach you; at the very least, a hustler, grinding to make his/her life legally better?

I have tried to get persons I’ve been associated with all my teenage years and the bulk of my adult life, from my hometown where I grew to get me a meeting with NFL players they were directly related to in reference to being their CPA or giving me a reference to another rookie player or just giving me tips as to what they expect out of their professional CPA who handles their tax filings or financial management. I was granted no such meetings nor spoke with the players to receive no such advice or references.  No other race behaves in this manner and it is a PURE SHAME and lack of intelligence and non-support on our part as a race perpetually discriminated against by every other race within America.

As the population continues to grow within America, as immigrants legal and illegal enter the country with their hunger for survival and – find a needle in a haystack – work ethic, and government relief (Welfare and Affirmative Action) roles continue to get smaller and/or non-existent, it is imperative we as Black American people, especially those of us who are entrepreneurs do business with one another, establish scholarships to put our children (especially young men) through universities, teach them through interning and apprenticeship and hire them into long-term gainful employment positions. For Black American people and Black American men to survive, going forward, there must be an effort to trust in the education and work ethic of ourselves; even switching out the professional services that were sought upon persons of other races and replacing them with future growing professionals of our own race and culture. It is not a matter of reverse discrimination, but a matter of survival and a reprove to a system that has always treated us unfairly and will continue to do so. An interpolation of a lyric by Phife from A Tribe Called Quest in which he said, “Ego, I’m on my own jock still / cause if I don’t say I’m the best  / tell me who the hell will” (“Word Play” Beats Rhymes and Life album) I say “BLACK AMERICAN PEOPLE  / we must be on our own jock still / cause If we don’t say we the best, tell me who the hell will?” NO ONE!


y do u think u c white people always jogging n winter spring summer fall? it helps u live longer & the oxygen n take makes u smarter.

The “oxygen intake from running makes u smarter” is me being facetious, but the fact may be true. I started running at the age — and while it may not make you smarter, there are some added benefits to it: healthy heart, added life span, weight control, energy boost, solace and peace of mind you experience while pushing yourself through the breathlessness (which eases after 1/2 a mile), ease of stress, added to a sense of accomplishment for running in the first place. In the aspects of solace, piece of mind and accomplishment I would say those are qualities that go along with a person being smarter and thinking clearer.

But back to White American people now; on any given day, at any given time, take a trip to Central Park, the parks along West End/West Side Highway in Manhattan, or along certain sections of the FDR Drive or even walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and there will not be a time that you take one of those trips you will not see White American people running: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. There may be a majority of White American people in America who do not run for exercise or sport, but when you take a look around, the majority of the runners anywhere, especially in winter are White American people. My finance remarked to me, day after Thanksgiving, “you goin’ running? It’s cold as hell out here.” To which, I remarked, “people run in the cold”; her response, “yeah, crazy people!” As I continued to walk to the track, I thought to myself, “so Black American of her to say something like that.”          

I’m a proponent of running, exercise, good health, good mind and body. I have yet to run a marathon and probably never will, but never-say-never. Maybe if Black American people took the extra effort to do some exercise which is somewhat arduous and challenging, maybe most  of our great grandparents, great aunts/uncles, grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles would not have died from or currently have diabetes. Or should I say, “most of my…….” And definitely my current generation will not fall victim to the same fate of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes complications.

As to the smart White American people thing, I’d be willing to bet, take any middle manager, middle or senior executive of any Fortune 500 company and for the majority of them, running or some other form of semi-strenuous workout activity will be in their exercise regimen; apart of company management and making 6 figure salaries seems smart to me, especially in a capitalistic, materialistic society such as America.


#blackwomen stop going outside in head rags looking like u r walking out on a slv plantation. u look ridiculous, ignorant & pusillanimous!

On the streets of New York City, especially Brooklyn and probably other cities as well, Black American women walk outside with these scarves wrapped around their head and tied into a knot at the front. It looks so Aint Jamaima and servant like. Black American women wear these scarves as if they are a fashion statement; like they are sexy. In actuality, and I do not know how they are impervious to the fact, they make these women look poor, sloppy, unintelligent and spineless. And these are probably women who complain they cannot find a good enough man in their lives.

First of all, if a guy approaches you with this type of scarf tied on your head, he only cares about coitus with you and he, more likely than not, is not all together himself. With the scarf on your head, no man who approaches you has any type of respect for you and probably doesn’t have respect for himself. He’s not prone to satisfy you sexually, probably has low self-esteem and may even beat on you.

These scarves make a woman look lifeless. If you do not mind looking as if you have no courage and no respect for yourself, by all means, continue to go outside with these head rags tied around your hair.


#blackpeople stop eating fried food and mac & cheesee every other night, it is killing u with high blood pressure and diabetes

#blackpeople u do realize u can survive on less than a full course meal everyday & that jogging helps u live longer. eat more fruits & Vegs.

Let’s start with health facts. When you eat pasta/carbohydrates they provide the body with fuel/energy to operate. The night before every New York City marathon, there is a big pasta dinner party for the runners. Why, you may ask? The purpose is to sustain their energy for running 26 miles the next day. If you eat pasta and do not exercise to burn off the energy, what was not used for energy purposes turns into sugar, which then is stored as fat causing weight gain. Add cheese into the mix and a spare tire, muffin top, large thighs and expanded waist are inevitable.

Growing up, my immediate family of my grandmother, two aunts, my mother and one cousin, we ate pasta about three to four days a week in the form of Kraft boxed macaroni and cheese, which we later switched to Velveeta boxed macaroni and cheese shells; we’d eat that with either fried pork chops or friend chicken. Later in the week, maybe Saturday, we’d have spaghetti and ground beef which was cooked in such a large portion it lasted two to three days. In talking with my friends, their family meals consisted of the same foods.

Have you ever noticed a young Black American woman in her 20s who has a fine body, but as she approaches her 30s, she’s constantly gaining weight and starts saying she needs to lose weight. Somehow, she never does and as the years pass she gets fatter and fatter. This is due to her diet and lack of exercise. Her diet more than likely consist of many carbs, fried foods, bread and sugary and/or alcoholic drinks. Even if she starts to work out, her shape does not change much due to her difficulty changing her eating and drinking habits. At the age of — I have a nice frame for a man my age. My diet consist of baked chicken and vegetables, chips-a-hoy cookies, honey nut cheerios with milk, and water in my home refrigerator to drink with my meals or to quench my thirst. If I eat pasta and drink sugary beverages, it’s usually at someone else house, a party or the holidays. I also purchase fried chicken and/or pizza approximately once a month.

You do not have to give up all of the foods you love, but the problem comes in when you’re frying meats in your home three times a week, frying cheese burgers and french fries in your home every Saturday, cooking or ordering out pasta/cheese dishes three times a week. Even combined with exercise, you will not see much results unless your exercise regimen is often and rigorous or raises your heart rate for a significant amount of time.

I met a woman when she was 49 years old, going on 50. She had a better body than many 26 – 33 year olds I’d see in New York City. In talking with her, we quickly hit it off because she’s a proponent of exercise, eating healthy and keeping up a beautiful image. In fact, she is semi-famous, goes by the name of “PANAMA” around her neighborhood of Crown Height Brooklyn, for being virtually the only woman her age who looks as well as she does. She dresses with a younger flavor, which does not look bad or ridiculous at all because she has a younger body which compliments the clothes she wears. She let me know her exercise regimen, which is really quite simple and non-strenuous, but the trick is she does it every morning without fail and does some things at night without fail and she also does not eat a fatty fried meat, pasta cheese and bread filled diet every night of the week. Her exercise regimen consist of 150 crunches (not sit-ups, but crunches), 90 squats assisted by grabbing on to the sink, 120 push-ups standing at a 45 degree angle from the sink or wall, 100 arm curls with a 10lb weight for each arm and 100 (50 to each side) waist twist with a kitchen broom. Her diet consists of fruit and tea for breakfast on the weekdays, two boiled eggs with a slice of toast and tea on the weekends. She has a light lunch during the weekdays, which consist of (not all in one day) a variety of vegetables and fruits or tuna salad with wheat bread, half of bottle of orange juice, or sardines and crackers or a salad. Her dinners consist of salt fish, potatoes and other vegetables, baked chicken or fish, rice and vegetables, beef stew with potatoes and vegetables, spaghetti. She has a late night light sweet snack of a slice of cake or sweet crackers, or cookies and Ice Cream. SHE DOES NOT COOK WITH ANY SALT, but rather uses other substitutes for flavor. One thing I noticed regarding her diet, is she fast one day a week on Tuesday; hence, the “you do not have to eat a full course meal every night to survive” SHE DOES NOT EAT FRIED ANYTHING! SHE DOES NOT EAT MACARONI AND CHEESE! If you notice, she eats all of the food groups, not just vegetarian or vegan or atkins. She does not overeat and stuff herself. She’s maintained a regular exercise routine and consistent diet, she was married 25 years, had two kids and has always maintained a fine looking body for years continuing into her 50s. Men, 20-something try and talk to her all day when she walks the streets going to work or during a weekend stroll.


stop walking slowly around a track, thinking u r exercising. ur only working out ur ankles, not ur fat ass & stomach #blackpeople

#steveharvey #blackwomen always have excuse of y they can’t get 2 the gym or running. get ur ass n the gym & on the treadmill. no excuses

black people y do most think its so hard to run for exercise? wow,is u runnin around da whole block? a man asked me after my 4th lap around.

One morning while running 8 laps around the Boys and Girls High School track in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, a distance of approximately two miles, I saw all Black American people on the track doing some sort of workout, which was good, but was it really? I saw a middle age couple probably in their early 50s walking very casually around the track in their workout cloths and sneakers. The woman was not particularly fat or out of shape and she looked nice for her age. The man had a round gut and looked very out of shape. After they walked around the track three or four times, they proceeded to the bleachers and she began stretching as if she had done some strenuous muscle and joint straining exercise which could later leave her sore.  

I saw other older people in their early to late 50s walking around the track as well. I also saw two fat younger women in their 30s sauntering casually and having conversation while calling themselves exercising. There were two gentlemen there who looked maybe like prior cell mates or just unemployed neighborhood guys, or they could have had jobs of some sort (who knows, but given the high unemployment rate among Black American males ???); they had sun-burned caked up dark skin; had on baggy clothing so I could not tell if they were fat and out of shape or not. They were doing push-ups and sit ups together, and they’d walk casually around the track twice – which during the walk I saw one of the guys smoking a cigarette – before retreating to do more stretching, push-ups and sit-ups.

There was one woman in between the ages 35 – 41 running a little and walking a lot. While another lady in her 40s, whom I could tell was fine in her younger day; maybe she had a kid or two, maybe not; while she was not walking casually, she was walking at a speed a little less than what it takes to move a person’s heart rate up for sufficient exercise. In her tight workout outfit, I could tell she used to have a nice ass and big perky breast in her former years, but due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise, her roundness expanded and had become shapeless and unattractive. As I passed her on the same spot of the track every two laps I ran, I thought, “if she ate better and actually did a more strenuous workout, she could retrieve her nice body for a woman her age.” She was already out on the track every morning, which meant she was dedicated to her workout of walking, but seeing little results. Another woman in her 40s would always stick close to the bleachers. Her workout consisted of jumping rope a bit and running up and down the bleachers at a rapid rate until she got tired, which was a pretty good work out, speeding up her heart rate. But looking at her, as she was also out there every morning, I could tell she ate all the wrong foods which only made her current exercise regimen help to maintain her current out of shape look.

Seeing these individuals doing this mediocre exercise only gave me motivation to run past them during my 8 laps with pride in the fact I had built up my wind to run such a distance; sure, I know many people run much longer. But as a petite guy, running a triumvirate of 5 miles during the week would cause me to lose weight which was not my goal. As I was passing these individuals I’d think to myself, “Black American people are so lazy and do not like to exercise”

When I was 29 I started running in an effort, I believed, to keep my weight down as I’d heard you started gaining significant weight in your 30s. When I first went to the track in Astoria Park, Astoria, Queens, New York I forced myself to run 1 whole lap around the track non-stop. Of course not having run regularly, this left me winded. I’d stop at the 1 lap mark and walk to the next curve of the track, where I’d then proceed to run another lap back to that point. I’d then walk to the next curve of the track and then begin another lap back to that point. I’d do this four times then I’d go home. I’d repeat this regiment at least 4 days a week. As the laps began to get easier, I then progressed to a lap and a quarter, and so on. I’d do that routine four days a week until I built myself up to 2 laps at a time, 4 laps, 6 laps then to 8 laps. I had started in April and was up to 8 laps by August. In August I was running 8 to 12 laps around the track 5 or 6 days a week, until my pants in a certain belt loop started falling off of me, which was when I realized I was running too much and/or eating too little and so I cut back.

My point is, though I did not know the young woman’s routine of her laps and how she was going to go about building up her tolerance to run longer, something told me she would not keep up a routine because Black American people running for long stretches is not what I see many of us do on a regular basis. And the walking casually around the track without any rise in heart rate, which I saw many people doing, especially the younger fat Black American women, literally disgusted me in its perpetuation of lethargy. Walking in a non-rapid pace only exercises your ankles and more likely than not, walking at any rate, it takes a person twice as many miles/laps to walk as it does to run. Fat Black American women who were probably eating a diet high in pasta, fried foods, salt and sugar; walking around the track gossiping was doing totally nothing for them. They seemed to think just because they got out there, they were doing something good, when in all actuality, they were doing next to nothing. Walking is better than sitting, but you merely get your blood to flow at best, and strengthen your ankles, doing nothing for your fat stomach, which a running, sit-ups work-out and change of diet would help tremendously; nor does walking do anything for fat thighs or waist which requires other strenuous exercise. Just because you go to the gym does not mean you are working out. To gain muscle or lose weight, you must work out properly and eat properly as well; eating is a totally separate subject.


black people, what i’m about? I would like 4 u 2 realize how no 1 really likes us how we do not support each other how undereducated we r

black people u may think i’m promoting a race war, gross prejudice, etc. no, go about it n the same stealth manor as they do, with a smile.

Reading this book, you may think, “this guy is a self-hating race trader.” When in all actuality, I love my race so much, I’ve looked around and analyzed what goes on in our community or “hoods” as we like to call them. First observation, yes, we have been subject to racism and preclusion from opportunity. Second observation, yes, we have allowed ourselves to be beat down, seemingly without a fight, without much organization; NOT ACCEPTABLE! We seem to have settled for the table scraps we have been given by the government and programs of racial equality which came along with the Civil Right Movement; acquiesced and ceded all power and control of our lives: social, economic and yes political to other races of people: Irish, Italian, Jewish, WASP etc.

We seem to take each other for granted. We take each other’s education for granted – As of 2017, I was told that an African woman CEO from Kenya, hesitated in hiring me for a Controller role, paying $90,000 because I was Black American, and truth be told, I swear I saw her stop in her tracks and regroup herself once she saw me through the glass window of the conference room where we held our face to face interview.

We take getting an education for granted. We take hard, long farmer’s-hours (5AM – 9PM NOT 9AM TO 5PM) work ethic for granted. All of the things we take for granted are things that have gotten other races, which were pariahs in America, respect in many different areas of life and economic industries in which they prosper in this nation.

Do I hate Black America people, NO! I just wish we would realize that we could be a better people and make our future history in this country so much greater and richer with the use of civilized manors, education, articulation of the English language and self-appreciation of all the talents we do and can possess, not just football, basketball, singing, dancing and acting; which we do not have full and total control of these talents we seem to be so great at.

For, it seems to me that every other outside culture to these United State of America has complete or majority economic, political and inter-working control of an industry or a few industries: Jews (media, film, real estate), Irish (fire and police departments), Italians (mob, construction and unions), Arabs (corner stores in the hood). These people have complete and total control over these industries with very little interference and questions regarding their operations practices. Black American people make music, but Clive Davis and Jimmy Iovine controls/controlled the industry. Black American people play basketball, but David Stern (who has retired and now bequeath his position to one of his brothers of Jewish ethnicity, Adam Silver) is the commissioner interpreting rules and regulations and there has been one maybe two (Bob Johnson of BET and Michael Jordan), majority control Black American owners, of any NBA franchise.

Black American people have been freed from slavery much longer than Jewish people have suffered from the Holocaust and racial discrimination in Germany and in America. How is it that Black American people have been held down by racism and preclusion from opportunity for such a long stint of time? Even in this day and age when Jim Crow is over, we have a great number of persons within a generation who have graduated from college; many Black American people are on a tract and/or have already started their own successful companies. My question or longing to know, is, when do we start to replicate success, entrepreneurship and long standing company enterprises and legacy building as a culture; not necessarily racism, but rather racial nepotism, because a rich White American billionaire may invite you into their home as a friend, but may not invite you into the board room as a participating decision making board member and/or share secrets to his/her success, or even much less, give you a decent gainful employment job (the kind that allows you to save and buy a nice home, drive a decent car, save for your children’s college education and your retirement), but they’ll train their son or daughter or even the sons and daughters of their White American friends into a management level employee, COO, CFO or successor CEO. Of course, no one admits this or says it out loud, it just is, and as it seems, FOREVER WILL BE!