y do u think u c white people always jogging n winter spring summer fall? it helps u live longer & the oxygen n take makes u smarter.

The “oxygen intake from running makes u smarter” is me being facetious, but the fact may be true. I started running at the age — and while it may not make you smarter, there are some added benefits to it: healthy heart, added life span, weight control, energy boost, solace and peace of mind you experience while pushing yourself through the breathlessness (which eases after 1/2 a mile), ease of stress, added to a sense of accomplishment for running in the first place. In the aspects of solace, piece of mind and accomplishment I would say those are qualities that go along with a person being smarter and thinking clearer.

But back to White American people now; on any given day, at any given time, take a trip to Central Park, the parks along West End/West Side Highway in Manhattan, or along certain sections of the FDR Drive or even walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and there will not be a time that you take one of those trips you will not see White American people running: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. There may be a majority of White American people in America who do not run for exercise or sport, but when you take a look around, the majority of the runners anywhere, especially in winter are White American people. My finance remarked to me, day after Thanksgiving, “you goin’ running? It’s cold as hell out here.” To which, I remarked, “people run in the cold”; her response, “yeah, crazy people!” As I continued to walk to the track, I thought to myself, “so Black American of her to say something like that.”          

I’m a proponent of running, exercise, good health, good mind and body. I have yet to run a marathon and probably never will, but never-say-never. Maybe if Black American people took the extra effort to do some exercise which is somewhat arduous and challenging, maybe most  of our great grandparents, great aunts/uncles, grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles would not have died from or currently have diabetes. Or should I say, “most of my…….” And definitely my current generation will not fall victim to the same fate of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes complications.

As to the smart White American people thing, I’d be willing to bet, take any middle manager, middle or senior executive of any Fortune 500 company and for the majority of them, running or some other form of semi-strenuous workout activity will be in their exercise regimen; apart of company management and making 6 figure salaries seems smart to me, especially in a capitalistic, materialistic society such as America.


#blackpeople stop eating fried food and mac & cheesee every other night, it is killing u with high blood pressure and diabetes

#blackpeople u do realize u can survive on less than a full course meal everyday & that jogging helps u live longer. eat more fruits & Vegs.

Let’s start with health facts. When you eat pasta/carbohydrates they provide the body with fuel/energy to operate. The night before every New York City marathon, there is a big pasta dinner party for the runners. Why, you may ask? The purpose is to sustain their energy for running 26 miles the next day. If you eat pasta and do not exercise to burn off the energy, what was not used for energy purposes turns into sugar, which then is stored as fat causing weight gain. Add cheese into the mix and a spare tire, muffin top, large thighs and expanded waist are inevitable.

Growing up, my immediate family of my grandmother, two aunts, my mother and one cousin, we ate pasta about three to four days a week in the form of Kraft boxed macaroni and cheese, which we later switched to Velveeta boxed macaroni and cheese shells; we’d eat that with either fried pork chops or friend chicken. Later in the week, maybe Saturday, we’d have spaghetti and ground beef which was cooked in such a large portion it lasted two to three days. In talking with my friends, their family meals consisted of the same foods.

Have you ever noticed a young Black American woman in her 20s who has a fine body, but as she approaches her 30s, she’s constantly gaining weight and starts saying she needs to lose weight. Somehow, she never does and as the years pass she gets fatter and fatter. This is due to her diet and lack of exercise. Her diet more than likely consist of many carbs, fried foods, bread and sugary and/or alcoholic drinks. Even if she starts to work out, her shape does not change much due to her difficulty changing her eating and drinking habits. At the age of — I have a nice frame for a man my age. My diet consist of baked chicken and vegetables, chips-a-hoy cookies, honey nut cheerios with milk, and water in my home refrigerator to drink with my meals or to quench my thirst. If I eat pasta and drink sugary beverages, it’s usually at someone else house, a party or the holidays. I also purchase fried chicken and/or pizza approximately once a month.

You do not have to give up all of the foods you love, but the problem comes in when you’re frying meats in your home three times a week, frying cheese burgers and french fries in your home every Saturday, cooking or ordering out pasta/cheese dishes three times a week. Even combined with exercise, you will not see much results unless your exercise regimen is often and rigorous or raises your heart rate for a significant amount of time.

I met a woman when she was 49 years old, going on 50. She had a better body than many 26 – 33 year olds I’d see in New York City. In talking with her, we quickly hit it off because she’s a proponent of exercise, eating healthy and keeping up a beautiful image. In fact, she is semi-famous, goes by the name of “PANAMA” around her neighborhood of Crown Height Brooklyn, for being virtually the only woman her age who looks as well as she does. She dresses with a younger flavor, which does not look bad or ridiculous at all because she has a younger body which compliments the clothes she wears. She let me know her exercise regimen, which is really quite simple and non-strenuous, but the trick is she does it every morning without fail and does some things at night without fail and she also does not eat a fatty fried meat, pasta cheese and bread filled diet every night of the week. Her exercise regimen consist of 150 crunches (not sit-ups, but crunches), 90 squats assisted by grabbing on to the sink, 120 push-ups standing at a 45 degree angle from the sink or wall, 100 arm curls with a 10lb weight for each arm and 100 (50 to each side) waist twist with a kitchen broom. Her diet consists of fruit and tea for breakfast on the weekdays, two boiled eggs with a slice of toast and tea on the weekends. She has a light lunch during the weekdays, which consist of (not all in one day) a variety of vegetables and fruits or tuna salad with wheat bread, half of bottle of orange juice, or sardines and crackers or a salad. Her dinners consist of salt fish, potatoes and other vegetables, baked chicken or fish, rice and vegetables, beef stew with potatoes and vegetables, spaghetti. She has a late night light sweet snack of a slice of cake or sweet crackers, or cookies and Ice Cream. SHE DOES NOT COOK WITH ANY SALT, but rather uses other substitutes for flavor. One thing I noticed regarding her diet, is she fast one day a week on Tuesday; hence, the “you do not have to eat a full course meal every night to survive” SHE DOES NOT EAT FRIED ANYTHING! SHE DOES NOT EAT MACARONI AND CHEESE! If you notice, she eats all of the food groups, not just vegetarian or vegan or atkins. She does not overeat and stuff herself. She’s maintained a regular exercise routine and consistent diet, she was married 25 years, had two kids and has always maintained a fine looking body for years continuing into her 50s. Men, 20-something try and talk to her all day when she walks the streets going to work or during a weekend stroll.


stop walking slowly around a track, thinking u r exercising. ur only working out ur ankles, not ur fat ass & stomach #blackpeople

#steveharvey #blackwomen always have excuse of y they can’t get 2 the gym or running. get ur ass n the gym & on the treadmill. no excuses

black people y do most think its so hard to run for exercise? wow,is u runnin around da whole block? a man asked me after my 4th lap around.

One morning while running 8 laps around the Boys and Girls High School track in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, a distance of approximately two miles, I saw all Black American people on the track doing some sort of workout, which was good, but was it really? I saw a middle age couple probably in their early 50s walking very casually around the track in their workout cloths and sneakers. The woman was not particularly fat or out of shape and she looked nice for her age. The man had a round gut and looked very out of shape. After they walked around the track three or four times, they proceeded to the bleachers and she began stretching as if she had done some strenuous muscle and joint straining exercise which could later leave her sore.  

I saw other older people in their early to late 50s walking around the track as well. I also saw two fat younger women in their 30s sauntering casually and having conversation while calling themselves exercising. There were two gentlemen there who looked maybe like prior cell mates or just unemployed neighborhood guys, or they could have had jobs of some sort (who knows, but given the high unemployment rate among Black American males ???); they had sun-burned caked up dark skin; had on baggy clothing so I could not tell if they were fat and out of shape or not. They were doing push-ups and sit ups together, and they’d walk casually around the track twice – which during the walk I saw one of the guys smoking a cigarette – before retreating to do more stretching, push-ups and sit-ups.

There was one woman in between the ages 35 – 41 running a little and walking a lot. While another lady in her 40s, whom I could tell was fine in her younger day; maybe she had a kid or two, maybe not; while she was not walking casually, she was walking at a speed a little less than what it takes to move a person’s heart rate up for sufficient exercise. In her tight workout outfit, I could tell she used to have a nice ass and big perky breast in her former years, but due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise, her roundness expanded and had become shapeless and unattractive. As I passed her on the same spot of the track every two laps I ran, I thought, “if she ate better and actually did a more strenuous workout, she could retrieve her nice body for a woman her age.” She was already out on the track every morning, which meant she was dedicated to her workout of walking, but seeing little results. Another woman in her 40s would always stick close to the bleachers. Her workout consisted of jumping rope a bit and running up and down the bleachers at a rapid rate until she got tired, which was a pretty good work out, speeding up her heart rate. But looking at her, as she was also out there every morning, I could tell she ate all the wrong foods which only made her current exercise regimen help to maintain her current out of shape look.

Seeing these individuals doing this mediocre exercise only gave me motivation to run past them during my 8 laps with pride in the fact I had built up my wind to run such a distance; sure, I know many people run much longer. But as a petite guy, running a triumvirate of 5 miles during the week would cause me to lose weight which was not my goal. As I was passing these individuals I’d think to myself, “Black American people are so lazy and do not like to exercise”

When I was 29 I started running in an effort, I believed, to keep my weight down as I’d heard you started gaining significant weight in your 30s. When I first went to the track in Astoria Park, Astoria, Queens, New York I forced myself to run 1 whole lap around the track non-stop. Of course not having run regularly, this left me winded. I’d stop at the 1 lap mark and walk to the next curve of the track, where I’d then proceed to run another lap back to that point. I’d then walk to the next curve of the track and then begin another lap back to that point. I’d do this four times then I’d go home. I’d repeat this regiment at least 4 days a week. As the laps began to get easier, I then progressed to a lap and a quarter, and so on. I’d do that routine four days a week until I built myself up to 2 laps at a time, 4 laps, 6 laps then to 8 laps. I had started in April and was up to 8 laps by August. In August I was running 8 to 12 laps around the track 5 or 6 days a week, until my pants in a certain belt loop started falling off of me, which was when I realized I was running too much and/or eating too little and so I cut back.

My point is, though I did not know the young woman’s routine of her laps and how she was going to go about building up her tolerance to run longer, something told me she would not keep up a routine because Black American people running for long stretches is not what I see many of us do on a regular basis. And the walking casually around the track without any rise in heart rate, which I saw many people doing, especially the younger fat Black American women, literally disgusted me in its perpetuation of lethargy. Walking in a non-rapid pace only exercises your ankles and more likely than not, walking at any rate, it takes a person twice as many miles/laps to walk as it does to run. Fat Black American women who were probably eating a diet high in pasta, fried foods, salt and sugar; walking around the track gossiping was doing totally nothing for them. They seemed to think just because they got out there, they were doing something good, when in all actuality, they were doing next to nothing. Walking is better than sitting, but you merely get your blood to flow at best, and strengthen your ankles, doing nothing for your fat stomach, which a running, sit-ups work-out and change of diet would help tremendously; nor does walking do anything for fat thighs or waist which requires other strenuous exercise. Just because you go to the gym does not mean you are working out. To gain muscle or lose weight, you must work out properly and eat properly as well; eating is a totally separate subject.